Moving Checklist

This checklist will help you prepare for your move. Moving isn’t the easiest of tasks, but this checklist will help plan the move so the process is as smooth and organized as it can be! Just remember moving is a great time to donate or throw out items not needed in your new location.
This is not intended to be used as a comprehensive checklist of tasks for your move.

6 Weeks Prior to Move Date:

Set Your Moving Date
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4 Weeks Prior to Move Date:

Notify your Postal Service of your new address.

Notify Utility Companies and set up a transfer for service at the new location.

As mail comes in such bills, magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc. call each of these companies as the mail arrives, and notify them of the address change. By doing this the month prior to your move, the task of calling all of these organizations becomes less daunting. It will also ensure you don’t forget to notify important contacts.

Notify friends, family and important contacts about the change of address, usually a mass email to all your contacts, as well as sending a message through social media channels such as Facebook and LinkedIn will make sure your message is delivered to all your important contacts quickly and easily.

Get the necessary moving supplies such as boxes, packing tape, permanent markers & bubble wrap.

If you have children, notify both the current school and the new school of the impending move and get your child(ren) registered for the new school.

Notify employer about the change of address.

Begin packing non-essential items-it’s never too soon to start packing in your spare time to alleviate packing in a time crunch!

Designate a room, such as a family room, or a section of the garage to move already packed boxes.

2 Weeks Prior to the Move Date:

Organize your moving team, call friends and relatives to get assistance in the packing and unpacking process.

Gather all vital documents that you do not want to have misplaced during the move. These are your birth certificate, passport, jewelry, etc. Once you’ve gathered these items, open a new safe deposit box close to your new home and deposit these items, so they do not get lost in the shuffle! If possible, start to clean out your refrigerator and pantry of items that are perishable. You may want to consider meal planning to consume these items prior to the move.

Continue packing non-essential items.

Notify key service providers of your move, such as your accountant, doctor, gardener, pool technician, veterinarian, etc. of the change of address. Schedule a Packing Party to recruit friends to help you pack up the day prior to the move.

If you are moving in/out of an apartment, reserve the elevator for your move.

1 Week Prior to the Move Date:

Dispose of items that can not be moved, such as combustible containers, flammable liquids, etc.

Return any items that do not belong to you-library books, rented movies, friend’s sweater, etc.

Pick up dry cleaning and laundry.

Open new bank accounts near your new address.

Verify transfer of utilities and schedule disconnection of service for the day of the move.

Days Prior to Move Date:

Confirm arrival time for the movers, and for any friends and family helping with the move.

Host your packing party and have friends help pack up.

For each room, pack an “OPEN ME FIRST” box which contains items you will need to use first for each room. These are usually for your soap,

shampoo, tooth-brush, as well as clothes and food you will need to have quick access too.

Make sure you have cell phone batteries fully charged

Do not pack essential items such as cell phone chargers, credit cards, etc.

Have several copies of directions/maps to your new house to hand out to helpers and movers. Make sure your cell phone number is also listed, so movers and helpers can contact you if needed.

Moving Day:

Designate one person to be in charge of directing the mover, this person should be at the house at all times coordinating the moving effort. Supervise movers in loading and unloading the moving truck.

Double check all rooms, closets, and attic spaces and outside storage containers to ensure you have not left anything behind.

If power is to be turned off, disconnect all appliances and open doors so they can defrost properly and drain water lines and hoses.

Lock up all windows, doors and access points to the house.

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